San Antonio Ibiza beach of Platja de s Arenal

Beaches in San Antonio Ibiza

San Antonio, or Sant Antoni de Portmany as its official name goes, is a town located on the west coast of the island Ibiza, Spain. However, given its huge commercial atmosphere, thrilling nightlife, and towering hotels, spacious apartments, many tourists and locals now see it as an enticing holiday resort. But, truly, it is the long stretches of beaches that will likely make your stay worthwhile.

Although you can already get a lot done within the municipality, plenty of hidden gems still lie about the town’s surrounding areas, especially more pristine beaches. Hopefully, you will find the list below helpful in your future beach hopping experience, whether or not it is your first time visiting.

Best Beaches in San Antonio

Before moving on, bear in mind that the entries below are not ranked, since they all offer something worth looking into. It is up to you if you want to make the trip or not. However, rest assured that regardless of distance, you would always get something out of your effort, whether it is crystal clear waters, fine white sands, or striking sunsets.

As for beaches in San Antonio; the great golden sandy beaches on the west part of San Antonio are the most popular ones. The beaches of s’Arenal beach (Platja de s’Arenal), Es Pouet beach, Calo des Moro beach, Cala Salada and Cala Gració are worth a visit.

San Antonio Ibiza beaches map

Holidaymakers may also find variety of water sports activities such as  jet-skiing, banana boat rides, parascending, snorkelling, kite surfing and scuba diving. There are also plenty of boat trips from San Antonio Ibiza.

A great day out at the s’Arenal beach of San Antonio beach and Sunset Strip is one of the best things to do in San Antonio.

Beaches in San Antonio Ibiza for you

Platja de s'Arenal beach
S'Arenal beach is the golden sandy beach of San Antonio and also it is the main beach of the resort. Holidaymakers may enjoy the sea and sun for all day long at the S'Arenal beach.
Seeing as this beach is just next to the town center, you can expect people to quickly fill up its 700 meter stretch. Albeit not the most clearest water of the San Antonio beaches, the sandy shore does provide a soft yet stimulating texture for your tired foot.
Admittedly, Platja de s'Arenal offers more of an adult-catered atmosphere than a kid-conducive one. This is because most of its background is littered with clubs, bars, and other services that target partygoers. The loud music that these businesses blast off can also sometimes result in muddled noise, which is not so fun for those that are looking for a peaceful stay.
Nonetheless, if you want to experience your youthful exuberance while still having access to a decent beach environment, then you will likely enjoy this location. Plus, you get easy access to other points of interest in the town.
San Antonio Beach Platja de s Arenal
Cala Gracio beach
Cala Gracio beach is a beautiful sandy beach located close to San Antonio town centre (about two kilometers just north). The U shaped Cala Gracio beach is beautiful and situated on a sheltered cove. The beach is also one of the most popular beaches in San Antonio.
The family-friendly shore and water of Cala Gracio will greet you with its cool breeze and unique shape. If you are staying near the center of the town, you can probably walk to this area in more or less 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can get on a small boat that will ferry you to this beach, which offer great views along the away.
The entire expanse is approximately 80 meters long and 40 meters wide, so there is a lot of space for your kids to move about, although you should still keep an eye on them. Because of its accessible spot coming from the town, this will be the beach that you will most likely visit a second time.
Basic beach facilities like showers, parasols, and loungers, among others, are found on-site. Lifeguards are also stationed in the area. Snorkeling is also possible, thanks to some nearby rocky parts. Sadly, the area can get a little crowded fast, so you best arrive early.
San Antonio Beach Cala Gracio
Ses Variades beach
This particular beach is known for its long stretch of rocky coast. But, its biggest appeal is the sunset view, which is why it is often referred to as the “sunset strip” of the town. The terraces nearby also serve as great vantage points for viewing the sun as it slowly kisses the horizon until it eventually fades.
Furthermore, the background music also invokes a sense of relief and ease, making the atmosphere all the more relaxing. There are also several bars and cafés, notably the famous Café del Mar, that serve satisfying drinks and food to keep your conversation going, long after the sun has gone down.
Getting here only takes a short walk to the west of San Antonio. Just ask the locals for direction, or check maps. Either way, it is hard to miss.
San Antonio Beach Ses Variades
Calo des Moro beach
Although it does not have the most impressive shoreline, the clear water of Calo des Moro more than makes up for it. Its sand is also not as fine as the other beaches around town, and it can be a bit gravelly. Nevertheless, the short walking-distance from adjacent accommodations make it an ideal sunbathing and swimming spot, more so if you do not like to travel far.
The water is relatively shallow, and will only get really deep (about 2+ meters) beyond 30 meters from the shore. However, lifeguards, along with the usual amenities (shower, toilers, etc.), are still present.
If you want a little more exciting activities, you can rent a jet-ski or ride a banana boat out on the deeper part of the beach. This will give you a nice point of view to the coast and the outline of the surrounding establishments.
San Antonio Beach Calo des Moro
Platja des Pouet beach
Es Pouet beach is located about 1 mile from central San Antonio, on a small cove which is part of the San Antonio Bay.
Platja des Pouet is yet another beach that is merely walking distance from central town. It does not have much stretch either, and will probably only take roughly 20 minutes to stroll on foot. But, I recommend you take your time, and really admire everything your eye can see, as there are a lot of interesting sites to behold.
Compared to the 4th entry, this shore is considerably tidier, and has a clearer sea. One probable reason for this is because there is less crowd gathering in it, compared to other surrounding beaches in close proximity to the main township. A ramp for wheelchair users is also accessible.
A watersport agency named, Ski Santi, operates close by. They offer fun activities like water-skiing, wakeboarding, and inflatable banana rides. Lastly, with all the affordable restaurants behind the site, going hungry will be an unlikely scenario.
San Antonio Beach Platja des Pouet
Platja de s'Estanyol beach

If you are looking for a more private beach experience, this secluded cove might interest you. The surrounding foliage adds a refreshing ambiance to the place, while the trees create soothing shades come noontime. Moreover, the rocky cliffs add to the coast’s already isolated feel.
The ground is mostly composed of pebbles and coarse sands, so you might want to keep your beach footwear on. The shore’s edge is also chockfull of hard stones, but there is a plank in the middle that you can use to get to the water.
Speaking of which, the sea in Platja de s'Estanyol is quite clear. But, perhaps the best thing about it is the temperature, which is not too hot yet not too cold.
Platja d'en Serral beach

This cove is 3 kilometers away from San Antonio, and is situated between the beaches of Estanyol and Cala Pinet. You can reach it from the city proper either by riding a bus, taxi, or driving a private vehicle. If you travel here via the latter method, parking zones are available around the beach, free of charge.
Platja d'en Serral is still part of the San Antonio bay, but is differentiated by its toast-colored sand, mild slopes, and limited expanse. Amenities are also available at the back, along with some touristic services.
Platja des Pinet beach

Much like Platja d'en Serral, this beach is also another tiny cove that joins the long stretch of the entire San Antonio bay. Furthermore, it holds one of the finest sands you can feel among the town’s many beach shores.
Its biggest appeal, however, is the Global Reggae Bar that operates in the vicinity. Nothing beats listening to reggae music while lazing in a hammock or on a sun-lounger. If you are not a fan of salt water, there is a small pool behind.
Platja d'en Xinxo beach

This is the last beach you will encounter that is still part of the long bay strip of San Antonio. Like with most shores located opposite of the town proper, you can travel here by either trekking the promenade of the bay or boarding a ferry.
Sunbeds, parasols, showers, lifeguards, and access for the disabled, are just some of the facilities that this beach offers. However, most of the beachgoers choose to explore the back area more, wherein small kiosk bars and a variety of nifty shops are positioned.
Port des Torrent beach

If you go a little further west from the last southern stretch of the town’s main bay, you will find this interesting beach. This site is settled into the coast, creating a deep inlet. This natural formation barely produces any wave, which is perfect for those that are not so confident with their swimming skills.
Within the beach, you can find a restaurant that serves all kinds of food items. Therefore, you will not have to travel far just to get a delicious meal.


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