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Best Nightclubs in San Antonio Ibiza

San Antonio nightlife is very intense and lively that holidaymakers may enjoy the San Antonio nights and intense nightlife activities at the popular nightclubs of Eden and Es Paradis. A visit to the San Antonio nightclubs is a must on your San Antonio holidays.

Great nightlife and entertainment activities in San Antonio take place at the three main sections that include; the West End, the Cala De Bou Bay and the Sunset Strip. Holidaymakers mostly prefer to visit the West End and enjoy the great bars of the area. Below you may see the best San Antonio nightclubs.

Top Best Nightclubs in San Antonio Ibiza for you

Eden Disco Dance
Eden Disco Dance is one of the most popular and best nightclubs in San Antonio Ibiza. Eden is located at Calle Salvador Espriu.
Address : Eden Disco Dance, Calle Salvador Espriu 07820, San Antnoio, Ibiza, Spain
Tel: +34 971 803 240
Web :
San Antonio Ibiza Eden Nightclub Nightlife
Es Paradis
Es Paradis Ibiza Discoteca Club is a great venue and one of the oldest nightclubs in Ibiza located in San Antonio. Es Paradis is also very famous for its Fiesta Del Aqua water parties. The fiesta takes place every Saturday nights. Es Paradis is located right side of the waterfront in San Antonio.
Address : C/ Salvador Espriu, 2, San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain - Tel: +34 971 346 000
Web :
Es Paradis nightclub San Antonio Ibiza
Club Hush Ibiza
Club Hush is located at the heart of San Antonio town and it is the premier club of San Antonio and home of some of the islands top DJs.
Address : Calle de Vara del Rey, 07820, San Antnoio, Ibiza, Spain
Web :
Club Hush Nightclub San Antonio
Ibiza Rocks
Ibiza Rocks is located at the Ibiza Rock Hotel in San Antonio and it is a great live music venue famous for its hosting classic rock bands, pool invasions, crowd sing-a-longs.
Address : Ibiza Rock Hotel, San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain
Web :
San Antonio Ibiza Nightclubs Ibiza Rocks

Best Places to Party on Ibiza

If you like to party, chances are you’ve already heard of the island Ibiza. Ibiza is just one of many Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and is now considered as one of, if not, the premier party destination for people from all corners of the world, particular in the European countries.

When you have such a beautiful island, one that is surrounded with long stretches of soft white sands and pristine crystal clear waters, and then combine it with a night that never sleeps, what you get is the perfect destination for a getaway and hardcore partying. It’s why this place just works for so many, not just because it’s famous, sometimes notorious, for its party zones, but because it’s a welcoming and warm island to begin with.

For the uninitiated and sometimes referred to as “Ibiza Virgins”, the place can be quite intimidating, even for those “experts” in nightclubbing. But worry not, for this article will introduce you to some of the best place to check out during your stay in the island. And remember, partying is supposed to be fun and not a chore, so let us help you know your way around.

Where Clubs Become the Tourist Spots

Almost every corner of this island has their own leading top best discos & nightclubs, so it is best to plan your nightlife excursions base on where you decide to stay. From San Rafael, Las Salinas, to San Antonio, and Playa d’en Bossa, among others, each of these parts of the island offers their own kind of party, but their goal is all the same- FUN.


Amnesia nightclub Ibiza
Amnesia nightclub Ibiza

When you do your own research of the area before your visit, you’ll probably come across a club called Amnesia, which is just at the middle of the island and near San Rafael. This is one of many establishment considered by most visitors as their clubbing highlight, even locals rightly deemed it so.

Famous for its open-air clubbing, foam parties, Terrace, and DJ Alfredo’s house mix, there is never a dull night in this place. Things can also get quite wild especially on the main dance floors, which is a given for most high-end clubs, so prepare to dive into huge waves of crowds. If you want the best well-rounded music in town, from trance, techno, to dubstep, and house, this is where you should be.


DC10 nightclub IbizaAnother popular club destination for most is the DC10. It is situated fairly near the airport and by Las Salinas. It is by far the most notorious, no-holds bar, and dance till you drop, club known in the entire island. But it has already improved on its reputation since then.

It’s mostly known for its popular parties like Circoloco and Paradise. Furthermore, because most of its parties happens underground, people can easily get lost in their superior underground electronic music without the intrusion of the outside.

Es Paradis

Es Paradis Nightclub Ibiza
Es Paradis Nightclub San Antonio Ibiza

Perhaps the most beautiful club you’ll ever come across in the island is Es Paradis, and one of the oldest in the San Antonio area. Some of its well-known parties are the Fiesta Del Agua and Glow Neon Paint Party, so be ready to get all soaked-up or glow in all sorts of color.

Blanketed with a web of secret gardens, dazzling architectural design, and recognized for its pyramid roof and unforgettable water parties, Es Paradis is simply a beauty to behold, one that is not afraid to get people wet and wild.

Benimussa Park

Benimussa Park The Zoo Project Party IbizaIf you fancy a more outdoor and open-air type of clubbing, then Benimussa Park is definitely the spot for you. It’s also commonly referred to as “the Zoo” because of its safari-like atmosphere. The place is just outside of San Antonio.

Aside from the top-quality house and techno music, Benimussa is also famous for its animal bodypaints, nature-inspired design, and underground artists. Some of its notable parties involves the Zoo Project and Holi Festival.

Ever since its inception, Benimussa has further evolved into more than just a popular clubbing destination. As it continued to grow, services like meditation circles, massages, capoeira, and other cultural activities, were slowly introduced and is now enjoyed by many of its loyal patrons and first-time visitors.


Pacha Nightclub Ibiza
Pacha Nightclub Ibiza

If you want a club that is an expert at its job and has a boatload of experience in quality partying, Pacha will likely come into the spotlight. From its humble beginnings back in 1973, this once small party venue in the Ibiza Town Marina is now one of the most reputable clubbing establishment in the area, not mention the oldest.

Now a world-renowned clubbing brand, with franchised nightclubs all over the world, it’s no secret that Pacha can host one hell of a party. Some of its most popular events are the Flower Power, Solomun +1, and F*** Me I’m Famous.


Privilege Nightclub IbizaThey say if you want to go big in Ibiza, then you definitely have to go for the biggest, and that place is called Privilege. Branded as the “World’s Biggest Club”, Privilege truly lives up to its name once you see it in person. But you better hold on to your jaw because the sheer scale of its foundation is enough to leave your mouth open in awe, especially if it’s your first time seeing it.

Don’t let Privilege’s size intimidate you. After all, you’re there to have a blast, and a blast you shall have. Famous for its sunrise view in the Vista Club, center swimming pool, manumission shows, and open air clubbing, this could be one of the most liberating clubbing experience you’ll probably get in the entire duration of your visit.

Regardless of your reason for coming, your stay in Ibiza will never be complete without at least visiting one or two of these clubbing events. And with each club you visit, comes with their own unique stories you can share back home.


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