Pla de Corona Valley Ibiza

Pla de Corona Valley Ibiza

Tourist information and guide to Pla de Corona Valley in Santa Agnes de Corona, Ibiza, Spain.

A visit to the Pla de Corona valley that is famous for its with almond trees and the small village of Santa Agnes de Corona is a great attraction especially for nature lovers.

You can easily hire a car, scooter or quad and explore the island of Ibiza. Stop wherever you want to and take a look as long as you want. Enjoy your holiday and take it easy.

Pla de Corona Valley

Pla de Corona valley is located about 9 km. on the north of San Antonio Ibiza.

The Pla de Corona is not only one of the island’s most fertile regions but is also one of the remaining strongholds of rural Ibiza, with relatively few buildings and a population that is mainly composed of smallholders.

The village of Santa Agnès de Corona (Ibizan villages are in truth more a collection of houses grouped under the umbrella of the local parish church) is representative of a number of rural parishes scattered about the island.


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