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San Antonio Ibiza Party Central

Sant Antoni de Portmany, popularly known as San Antonio, is considered as the top clubbing destination in the world.

It is famed for its Café del Mar sunsets and its energetic nightlife culture. For a lot of young people, San Antonio is the place to be if they want to garner plenty of clubbing points. This article will further explain the hot spots that permeate the land and why you should be grooving down there.

Clubbing Guide to San Antonio

Es Paradis Nightclub IbizaClubbing is best enjoyed in the peak season months from July, August and the early parts of September. It is the ideal place for the younger hard-partying set because of the wide accessibility of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, various hang-outs and the area’s resort.

The region is home to several of the world’s most famous clubs where famed DJs from all over the world gather to entertain and display their skills behind the wheels of steel. Waterfront clubs like the Es Paradis and the Eden Ibiza are popular among the hip and trendy set, while Ocean Beach Ibiza, an open-air pool party destination is fast becoming one of the most preferred in terms of nightlife destinations.

Need live music? San Antonio is the place to be if you are craving for some live guitar tracks by way of Ibiza Rocks on Wednesdays and if you want to have a dance-off until dawn, you can do so during the spot’s groove-ready Friday set list.

Cafe Mambo San Antonio IbizaThe long-standing Café del Mar in the area’s Sunset Strip is an essential part of the Ibiza nightlife and these days it is joined by the likes of acclaimed clubs like Savannah and Café Mambo, Golden Buddha, Kanya and Mint.

The Strip features a huge selection of places to get your grub and enjoy your favorite shots and cocktails with the bonus of stunning shoreline views. Popular hang-outs include spots like Tulip, Itaca, Linekers, Plastik Bar and Ibiza Rocks Bar.

If a laidback vibe is what you are after, make sure that you check out the Bay which is just a brief walk from the town center and it provides visitors serene beaches and rows of shoreline restaurants and bars like the Playa Pinet and Kumharas.

Unable to pass up a party during the day? Then you can participate in the area’s popular boat parties which depart from San Antonio and last until the end of the day. San Antonio not only offers thriving nightlife experiences, it also provides visitors exciting daytime recreation; from water sports, speedboat tours and scuba-diving.

There is always something to do for the experienced traveler and something new to try for the uninitiated in San Antonio, Ibiza.

Perfect San Antonio Attractions

S'Arenal beach San Antonio IbizaDuring the months of May, June and the latter months from September to October, the areas’ exquisite beaches and the promenade are the places to be if you want to enjoy the town’s laidback vibes.

San Antonio is a town located in Ibiza’s western shores. It is the second biggest town and municipality in the region and the town’s resort is a busy hub of ferry boats, speedboats and yachts. The harbor goes by the name Portus Magnus and it is actually deemed as one of the most stunning harbors in the European continent. The area’s beaches are broad and sprinkled with soft, buttery sands and its shallow waters are great for some casual swimming and dipping.

If you are fond of water sports, you will get to enjoy those in the area too. However, the spot can get crowded during the peak seasons so if you want a bit of privacy, you can opt for those ferries in the adjacent beaches located on the west shores.

The ferries travel between San Antonio and hotels and apartments all over the Bay and they traverse tranquil beaches that are perfect for hours of relaxation like Cala Bassa, Cala Conta and Cala Tarida. Bigger boats offer all-day trips to neighboring Es Palmador and Formentera.

In the summer, both visitors and natives gather to the area’s very own Sunset Strip which is located just west of the locale to view the sunsets that have been lauded by travelers all over the world.

Cala des Moro Sunset Strip beach San Antonio IbizaThe Sunset Strip in actuality is a spot called the Calo d’es Moro and is only a 10-minute walk from the town center. You can complement your sunset-viewing by hanging out in the nearby bars and cafés that litter the strip, and enjoy the sunset with a cup of your favorite joe, fresh juices and a cocktail or two.

The town’s chief square is the pivotal zone of the resort, and if you happen to visit the area during the Feast of Saint Bartholomew every 24th of August, it is the perfect location to see the town’s firework’s display. Like the strip, the square is filled with many bars and cafés and if you explore the Port further, you will discover stretches of exceptional restaurants around the area.

You might be curious of the giant egg in the town center though.

The Egg is a famous landmark in the area and it is situated in the chief junction’s center upon entry to the town. It is actually a statue that was placed in the early 90s to honor the area as Christopher Columbus’ birthplace. The statue was designed in the form of an egg and this egg contains a replica of Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria.

Why an egg, you might ask; it is because Columbus, who at that time was searching for backers who will fund his Western journey to the Indies, was told by the powers that be that it was an impossible undertaking.

Columbus then supposedly asked if positioning an egg horizontally was impossible and when he was told that it was indeed impossible, the man cracked an egg’s base and displayed that by doing that simple act, he can make the egg stand upright. Because of this he was given the funds to back his journey.


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