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Sea Kayaking in San Antonio Ibiza

Tourist information and guide to sea kayaking in San Antonio (Sant Antoni de Portmany), Ibiza, Spain.

Sea kayaking in San Antonio is also one of the most popular water sports activities in San Antonio Ibiza. Sea kayaking in San Antonio Ibiza would be an adventurous outdoor activity day out along the beautiful coastline of the resort and the island.

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Sea Kayaking at Its Best in Ibiza

Many people have probably heard of kayaking, or the boat known as the kayak. Although the kayak is a boat which was used in the ancient times mainly for livelihood like hunting and fishing, nowadays the kayak is now used for recreational activities such as water sports.

Many are familiar with the scene of a kayak being expertly maneuvered down white water rapids, dodging sharp rocks and floating debris, while also going over waterfalls. But while many may have observed such a situation, not all are aware that kayaking is also enjoyable at sea.

The Sport that is Sea Kayaking

Airhead AHTK-2 Montana Performance inflatable kayak - easySea kayaks evolved again from the ancient traditional kayaks of our ancestors which they used to travel significant distances to reach other places. Today, there are several kinds of sea kayaks with varying designs and different materials. Not only are they very much sea worthy, but are also easier to use. At several locations on Ibiza, you can rent the traditional canoes and kayaks but recently you can rent inflatable kayaks as well. This will give you the opportunity to throw the package in your car and go to another beach the next day.

Many of these modern sea kayaks are offered in places in nice beach tourist spots. And one of the best places in the world to enjoy sea kayaking is in one of the most renowned summer vacation spots – the island of Ibiza.

What better place to enjoy the watersport of sea kayaking than in one of the best summer vacation spots in the world:  Ibiza. Very much known for its beautiful white sand beaches and the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean, Ibiza is the perfect spot to try sea kayaking whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler.

The waters surrounding the island are very much gentle and will not be much of a bother, be it a single-person or a multi-person kayak. Head out now to Ibiza for your first kayak experience!

The Perfect Spot for Sea Kayaking

kayak ibiza cove
Kayak into cove on Ibiza

Most of the beaches around Ibiza offer sea kayaking at very reasonable prices. Not only do they let you rent out the kayak along with the necessary equipment, they also offer the services of kayak guides and instructors. Not only do these people know their way around the waters of Ibiza, they will also ensure your safety as you paddle and explore this wonderful part of the Globe.

Orientation is usually the first step before you take out to sea in your kayak. Many of the guides of Ibiza are native, home-grown inhabitants of the island who have been around for quite some time. They will retell to you the history of the island of Ibiza and what is now the premiere vacation spot that is San Antonio. What better way to get into the vacation groove as a tourist than having a brief history lesson first right?

Aside from the waters of the Mediterranean which make sea kayaking a really nice experience, Ibiza also offers an excellent sea route for you to take on. Try the route which starts at Cala Basa Beach. From here, paddle your way as you pass through deep, dark caves filled with seawater, accessible only with the use of a watercraft such as a kayak. Go through these caves while also passing through rocky inlets and blowholes, the waters of the Mediterranean crashing through the rocks in a very white spray.

Es Vedra Kayak Trip IbizaYour sea kayak route will take you to see what was used to build the old castle and town buildings of Ibiza, and also through the stone quarry. Most tour guides recommend this spot to take a break, especially if you are kayaking in the afternoon as this offers a majestic view of the Mediterranean sunset.

You and your fellow kayakkers can also stop and crash on one of the many deserted beaches of Ibiza, parking your kayaks right in the sand as you open your lunch boxes to partake of some well-earned food.

And if that is not enough to attract you to try sea kayaking, just think about this. If you are lucky enough, you may come across a pod of dolphins who are sure to be curious as they observe you paddling to the waters. They might even be curious enough and swim right beside you, clapping their beaks in delight at the sight of their new human acquaintances.

Ready to Get Started?

Sea kayaking in Ibiza should not be too difficult even for those who will be trying it for the first time. However, before hopping into the kayak and then paddling your way into the open sea, there are a couple of few guidelines you might want to bear in mind first:

  1. Take time to enrol in some lessons and take a guided tour

Knowledge is always a priority, all the more for a recreational activity which is considered an extreme sport. It will pay in the long run if you go and pick some basic lessons first about sea kayaking.

Ibiza is filled with well-experienced and certified instructors who can give you a quick orientation about the sport. They will tell you what to expect, what to be careful of, while also quashing unnecessary fears you might have while preparing to head out sea kayaking for the first time.

With the guided tour you can choose from some of the most beautiful beaches and coves around Ibiza.

  1. Know and understand the basics

With you now knowing some lessons, it is time to combine them with some basic fundamentals of sea kayaking. For starters, remember to hold the paddle with a light grip in order to keep your muscles relaxed. This will allow you also to better execute another basic – rhythmic forward paddling which allows you to really propel the kayak forward.

Another basic concept you should understand is that the wider your stroke is, the more it will make the sea kayak turn. Observe how the kayak will turn even sharper as you widen your paddle strokes, even allowing you to make a complete U-turn or reverse.

Your upper body must be at the center of gravity. One way that you can ensure this is by keeping your nose in line with the kayak’s center. Keeping your upper body in the center lets you turn easier and keeps the kayak stable, quite important in case the water starts to get rough.

Guide Trips

Fun Kayaks Ibiza offers guided sea kayak tours along the most beautiful areas. You will explore and have a great enjoyable day from the water. There are two popular routes that you can take privately as well. The best sea kayaking in San Antonio can be made along two coves and routes.

One of them is Cala Gracio-Calo des Moro route. The route is about 3,5 km and estimated time is about 1 hours. Set-off point is Cala Gracio beach.

Other route is Cala Salada-Raco de Sa Galera route. The route is about 4,3 km and estimated time is 1 hours. Set-off point is Cala Salada beach.

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