San Antonio Ibiza Shopping

Shopping in San Antonio Ibiza

Tourist information and guide to shopping and what to buy in San Antonio (Sant Antoni de Portmany) in Ibiza, Spain.

Aside from the blaring music, endless parties, and pristine beaches, Ibiza is also filled with bustling local markets that you can visit, look around and shop! From native crafts, nifty jewelries, rich delicacies to beautiful apparel, there is a lot of little shops you can explore and bargain in at these marketplaces.

As for shopping in San Antonio; holidaymakers may find great shopping opportunities from popular outdoor markets, antique and handicraft shops to great stores in San Antonio.

Holidaymakers may find variety of shops and stalls offering craftworks and gifts in the Seafront Ses Font in San Antonio. For the ones who want to buy and enjoy the potters of the island, the “Zone of crafwork interest” in Sant Rafael, located 8 km. from San Antonio and close to the Ibiza Town is worth a visit.

Each market in Ibiza is somewhat unique to the district or municipality it is in. Every market in Ibiza offers an outstanding bazaar of surprises that the holidaymakers may find wide range of clothes, jewellery, artwork, musical instruments, antiques, natural juices and delicious cakes as well as variety of objects from all over the world.

Regardless, majority of them are worth the travel no matter where you decide to stay on the island. Furthermore, the market spots below have been divided into the days in a week they are usually open to make it easier for you to plan your itinerary.

The main markets and bazaars in Ibiza include:


Las Dalias

This bazaar is one of the busiest hippy night markets on the whole island. It is located close to San Carles (San Carlos) village in Santa Eularia and near the famous Las Dalias restaurant. Las Dalias also holds a traditional Christmas market. The bazaar holds a craft market with jewellery, pottery and decorative object.
The market opens every Monday and Tuesday, 7pm to 1am, and from the months June to September (Tuesdays open only up until August).
Las Dalias can also be visited on a Sunday during August, from 10am to 8pm. Back when it first started in 1985, this area only had 5 stalls. Now, it has over 200 operating booths, each offering their own unique products and merchandise.
If you are not a fan of huge crowds, it is highly advisable that you come early, since this market tends to haul in an estimated 20,000 patrons daily, even more during peak season. Some of the most notable purchases you can make here are handcrafted clothes and accessories, local artworks and figurines. There is also live music to keep you company.
Las Dalias Hippy market San Antonio Ibiza


Gorilla Hippy Market

Located in San Antonio, this hippy market offers a quainter and more intimate atmosphere compared to the other bazaars on the island that are significantly bigger. Apart from its distinct and conspicuous large statue of a gorilla towering over the shops and stalls (hence the name), you also get a nice view of the beautiful San Antonio Bay.
This place is open during Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays during peak season, from 10am till midnight. This market has some of the best food outlets and small bars in San Antonio. There are also unique crafts and souvenirs you can buy.
Gorilla Hippy Market San Antonio Ibiza


Punta Arabi (The Hippy Market)

Considered as the first ever hippy market in Ibiza, dating all the way back to 1973, this place certainly has a historic feel to it. To get here, you need to go to the resort of Es Canar, located in the eastern coast of the island, in the municipality of Santa Eularia des Riu.
This marketplace opens every Wednesday, from 10am to 7pm, in the months of April till October. Punta Arabi is also the biggest hippy market in Ibiza so expect a lot of people during peak season, tourists and locals alike. Another perk of its expansiveness is the 400-500 stalls that it hosts so you are guaranteed a variety of merchandise and food options to discover.
Punta Arabi market Ibiza


Cala Llonga market

This fairly-sized market holds several small stalls that showcase unique crafts and silver jewelries. Although not as huge as the other marketplaces, this area still offers a diverse selection of local products. You can visit the place at Cala Llonga resort every Thursdays from 6pm to midnight, May to October.
Cala Llonga market Ibiza

San Rafael artisan market

If you are a fan of ceramic works and contemporary arts, then this market will appeal to you. Aside from local artisan-made goods, there is also plenty of traditional designs to appreciate, maybe even purchase.
You can come in during the months of June till September from 7pm to 11:30pm, every Thursday. Moreover, with gorgeous orchards and tasty fruits complimenting the place’s ambiance, it is truly a handicraft paradise.
San Rafael artisan market Ibiza

San Miguel

Located at the town centre and open every Thursday during summer season
San Miguel market Ibiza


Fridays in Ibiza, particularly during peak season, are more of a party event than a leisurely stroll kind of day. But, you can still visit Mercat des Port in the La Marina District of the main Ibiza town, for a similar market experience. Mercat des Port market Ibiza


Car boot market (Mercadillo Sant Jordi)

This market is like a glorified garage sale. From second hand books, discounted clothing, even furniture, there is certainly plenty to barter with at this beloved bazaar. More importantly, this spot is open every Saturday, from 9am to 3pm all year round so you can visit it anytime you’re on the island.
Car boot market Mercadillo Sant Jordi Ibiza

San Juan market

This market is a great end to your week-long shopping. Open every Sunday all year round from 10am to 4pm, this place offers plenty of delicious foods and drinks you can indulge in. The area also has an eclectic feel to it, accompanied by local crafts, an eco-friendly environment, and clean facilities, resulting in a hip atmosphere.
San Juan Market Ibiza


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