Sunset Strip in San Antonio Ibiza

Tourist information and guide to Sunset Strip (Ses Variades) in San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain.

Sunset Strip is the famous beach on Ibiza that is very popular for its spectacular sunsets, located on the west of San Antonio, about 10 minutes walking distance from San Antonio urban centre. The Calo des Moro beach is also located there that is a small cove of soft sand nestled.

Sunset Strip is very beautiful and most popular sight of the resort that thousands of holidaymakers meet at the coast and enjoy the sunset with music. There are also very nice and lively bars there that that offer accompaniment to the sunsets of the town with live music and DJs.

A great day out at the Sunset Strip and enjoy the spectacular sunset is one of the best things to do in San Antonio.

Caló des Moro (Sunset Strip) beach

Cala des Moro Sunset Strip beach San Antonio Ibiza

Caló des Moro beach is located at the Sunset Strip of San Antonio nearby the sunset cafes. Calo des Moro beach is 60 metres long and 20 metres wide. The beach is a small cove of soft sand nestled. Holidaymakers may find and enjoy variety of nice beach bars and cafes.


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