Ibiza Island Tour by Vintage Vespa - Groups of 11 friends on scooters

Great Day Trips on Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for its endless summers, party vibes and dance music. It is a tiny island thus visitors won’t have any problems getting around.

Ibiza is more than its world-famous clubs, raves until sunrise and watering holes though; it is a beachside paradise with plenty of fine beaches and fantastic views, and if you want to discover more of the island, you can make do with its many day tour offers.

Day Trip Options

Ibiza has a range of day trips where you can discover the area by land or sea. Here are some of its many popular day tour options.

Ibiza Island Tour by Vintage Vespa
If you like scooters and exploring every nook and cranny of an unfamiliar yet charming region, then you will love a Vespa tour. This is a 4-hour scooter trip which is ran by a well-informed tour guide.

Get lost in the natural beauty and historical allure of the island as you, your guide and other interested folks go about the place riding that timeless Mod scooter, the Vespa.

You can choose from 6 kinds of traditional Vespa scooters and get personalized attention from the guide in this 10-persons-only tour.
Ibiza Island Tour by Vintage Vespa - Blue Scooter
Ibiza Horse Valley
Ibiza’s natural surroundings are not discussed that much due to its reputation as one of the world’s best party destinations, but if you want to discover more of the island’s environment, you can do so with a day tour through Ibiza Horse Valley.

It can be found near San Juan and it allows visitors an exceptional horse-riding experience throughout the area’s majestic mountains and northern Ibiza’s forests. This is one great way to explore the wild northern region of the island and you will have the company of beautiful Rescue Horses, at that.

Just tell the staff whether you are a beginner or of advanced level and they will accommodate you. The ride takes 4 hours and will fit individuals from 12 years of age upwards.
Ibiza Horse Valley - riding through the water
The Aquabus Ibiza Tour
The Aquabus will let you witness the whole island’s splendid shoreline, inspire you to take a dip in its warm waters, enjoy the sights of the old town and come back by sunset. A whole days of travel includes scenes of the area’s wildly popular beaches, remarkable cliffs, its nearby islands, hidden coves and secret beaches.

Aquabus boats are maintained regularly and they are made by the island’s expert craftsmen, thus you will be ensured a day excursion with the security and the fun that you expect.
The Aquabus Ibiza Tour
Capitan Nemo Boat Trips
Capitan Nemo is San Antonio’s popular glass-bottomed boat and guests onboard will get to take in stunning views and the chance to swim in the island’s famed turquoise waters and fine sands plus have a nice cocktail or two in between.

Capitan Nemo have been in the business for decades and is one of the island’s proficient masters in boat trips. Because the boat’s bottom is made of glass, guests are given the opportunity to view the marine life under their feet. Natural Park boat trips take 2 hours to complete while the Es Vedra trip takes 3 hours.
Capitan Nemo Boat Trips Ibiza
Portinatx Tourist Train
If you are going with your entire family, the Ibiza Tourist Train is a great way to explore the island with your kids. The tour promises an enjoyable ride throughout the area’s “tracks,” with the train veering and steering through impressive scenery and breathtaking views from above. A word of advice just in case; do not ever forget to take your camera along with you.

The tour will take you to the shorelines of Xaracca down to the Port of San Miguel, where you can drop by to visit Can Marca’s dripstone caves. The ride will then continue on to San Juan’s country lanes, magnificent views then back to Portinatx. Take note that there is a difference in the itinerary each day so you should gather information first then decide what trip you would like to join.
Portinatx Tourist Train Ibiza
Hotrod Citytour Ibiza
Hotrod Citytour Ibiza is fast becoming one of the most well-liked day trips in the island. It is the firm’s priority to show guests the exquisite paradise destinations found on the island. They have fun, fashionable karts that will catch the eyes of both locals and visitors, and they might want to join in the fun too.

If you are over 18 years of age, with a Class 3 or B driver’s license, you can select your choice kart from the company’s offers. This is a tour for visitors who are into cruising the area to explore and the tour begins its route minus lengthy breaks by way of the San Antonio seafront. The trip will then continue up the area’s hills throughout the striking surroundings of Ibiza and the northwest coastal town of Santa Inés.
Hot Rod Citytour Ibiza
Ibiza Walking Association
Of course, the island offers walking tours as well! If you are an avid hiker, you can contact the Ibiza Walking Association or the IWA and request for their private walks, pop-up group walks or walking books.

Private guided walks include easy strolls perfect for families and lengthy, challenging ones for the experienced. If you want more information about the walks that you are going to take, you can opt for IWA’s walking books.

Summer months are perfect for the organization’s pop-up group walks which can be walks that start in the evenings or faithful sunset strolls that ends up at one of the island’s gorgeous beaches.
Ibiza Walking Association
Ibiza Jeep Safari
More nature fun can be had by exploring the craggy landscapes of the island’s northern region through the Ibiza Jeep Safari tour. Had enough of the partying? Then see a natural Ibiza minus the neon lights by participating and enjoying this trip.

The scenic tour will take you to a number of Ibiza’s clandestine terrain, beaches and viewpoints that few visitors know. Visitors will be aboard an all-terrain jeep with a knowledgeable guide with them, sharing vast info about the area’s history and wildlife.
Ibiza Jeep Safari by 4x4 island tour











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